tairox-logo.png Traffic Control Dispatch
Mail: 3828 West 17th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6S 1A4
Telephone:   604-805-1871
Text:   604-805-1871
Email: sales@tairox.com
Contact us at the sales or info email address above if you would like to arrange a demonstration. If you provide us with a mobile phone number in advance, you'll be able to see how our service operates from a TCP perspective.
Let us know a few facts about your business and we can send you a proposal with itemized costs.
 •  Our license fee includes the costs associated with maintaining a web site, with your own URL and SSL certificate.
 •  Texting costs will depend on the number of TCPs and LCTs that you dispatch on a regular basis. Let us know this number so that we can provide an estimate of this monthly cost.
 •  Your company will have exclusive use of an Amazon server that we will provision and manage for you. We pass this monthly disbursement through at our cost.
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