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About Traffic Control Dispatch
TaiRox has provided dispatch solutions for traffic control businesses in British Columbia since 2009. Our solutions are cloud-based: all you need is a web browser and a subscription. Communication with TCPs and LCTs is text-based. We maximize the amount of work a dispatcher can do while minimizing the effort required.
What Our Customers Say
"Thank you Don, All and all, the weight of the world is off my shoulders. This frees up my dispatchers to focus on the main duties instead of getting wrapped up in the tedious stuff. We love the program and should have done it a long time ago!" D.L., Founder.
"Hello Don, It was a pleasure to talk to you today. As discussed, we would like to get started ASAP as we have a big contract coming in." J.B., Director.
"Thank you so much for the update and all your help." J.V., Dispatcher.
"Allow me to express my gratitude ... It has truly been a pleasure working with you on this platform, Don. Since the inception of your product (almost 10 years ago) and working closely together for 5 years on your platform, you have delivered everything, on time and on budget," C.V.
About Accounting Solutions
TaiRox has provided innovative solutions for the Sage 300 community in North America, Australia, Africa, Asia, and Europe since 2009. The TaiRox development team has many decades of experience developing Sage 300 applications. Sage 300 resellers engage TaiRox to develop large and small customizations for their clients. Visit Sage 300 Solutions.
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